Prototype Automotive is an experienced firm of electrical engineers with 15 years of experience under our belts in providing technical solutions to the automotive industry. We provide electrical engineering services to individual clients too, such as those running racing teams, and we also manufacture classic car harnesses tailored to unique, bespoke requirements. If you need a new electrical cable harness according to a precise design, or if you need to modify a classic car harness to suit your needs, Prototype is here to help.







Craig Harrington and Isabel Fernandez Diaz

I have been in the wiring and automotive business for a number of years, employed by Jaguar Land Rover, Leoni Wiring, and various suppliers like dSPACE, Lear and Bosch in the automotive industry, as an electrical engineer, having graduated over twenty years ago in that subject. Isabel too has a similar background, having worked with various suppliers to the automotive industry for 6 years beforehand.





Attention to detail

We believe our experience and attention to detail sets us apart from other electrical engineers in the automotive trade. As a team, we always listen to what our customers want, and advise them practically with the best possible ways to solve a technical problem. We can then create electrical systems for anything from factory machinery to a classic car harness, exactly as you need.

Wiring Harness Manufacturer in Nuneaton and Warwickshire faded edge wire harness cables in black red yellow and orange


Wiring Harness Manufacturer in Nuneaton and Warwickshire automotive engineer in red workers suit in car with laptop system



Our communication with our customers, ability to listen precisely, and give them exactly what they want, means that we often receive very positive feedback.

In one of my previous assignments, I project managed for Norton Motorcycles, and always went above and beyond to help them, always following up with a courtesy call or email to see if they could be supported going forwards.






We also carry out ‘reflashing’ for vehicle ECUs, enabling them to run with higher performance, or more economically at your preference. This is a great service for companies with a fleet of vehicles, wishing to update software in vehicle modules as well as reflashing new software for the latest updates.








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